About us

Slowly and without warning, training has changed. We’ve got data chips integrated in our running shoes, GPS-based fitness watches on our wrists and motivational beats in our ears. All whilst preparing for yet another 30-minute interval. Gone were the days when we ran because that was a fun thing to do. Our way of life has taken away the basic joy of training. It has been degraded to a simple tool for development. We go home as quickly as possible so that we can validate our data and see if the workout was good or bad. Suffering it seems, is the aim, and progress the pleasure.

But training shouldn’t be a tool for reaching other objectives. We should move because being able to move is a value in itself. Training should be about exploring both our self and our surroundings. Patience is a virtue. It’s ok to take it easy. And it’s ok to go hard. Follow your instincts. Create your own path. In time, you will discover new territories and create new experiences. You go out for half an hour and that half an hour turns into an hour. An hour turns into two. Because you followed your instincts, not your data.

Leave a trace wants everyone to create their own path both in training and real life. We aim to make every piece suite specific needs. We strive endlessly to create the finest training gear available with a die-hard focus on natural feel and technical advancement. We integrate each item to work with one another, so that you easily can integrate into your surroundings. We want to connect with people that has left a trace, both for themselves and others. We invest heavily in feedback from our users, because their experience creates new roads for us to discover. Leave a trace never stops exploring. Our path is one that never ends.

That is why Leave a trace is more than just a clothing brand. We also create training programs and off the road travels guides. We arrange get-togethers and social events. We want to take part in the culture that surrounds training and outdoor activities. We not only want to make people perform, we want them to discover new lands.